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International Training of Trainers for the Creative Industries

What is it about?

Both Nationally and Internationally the Entertainment and Music Industries have a great deal expertise and technical knowledge. It is now becoming accepted that to ensure the future of the industries, we need to build on this inherited base and structure appropriate and effective training.

This introduction will deal with basic principles and leads to a Foundation Course where the subjects can be explored in greater depth.

The introduction is also suitable to manufacturers and suppliers who are becoming aware of training needs both in updating skills for existing personnel and in the setting up of training for existing and future markets.

Where is it held?

It will be taught by Dave Ward, Gateway Founder and Director.

David has spent a life-time in the creative
entertainment industries. For the last 30 years he has been developing and researching effective training methods for our industries.

Who is it for?

This Training of Trainers Introduction is designed for those who would love to pass on their knowledge and expertise to future generations, but don’t know where to start.

The course will be structured to be as practical as possible with a great percentage of the time spent on "learning by doing" rather than just boring old theory.

There will be theory but it has to be fun to learn. Keywords are Relevant, Holistic, Whole-brain Learning, fun

How will it benefit Me?

This "Training for Trainers" programme will ensure that industry personnel feel comfortable passing on their skills to students in a lecture and master-class situation and feel comfortable giving presentations generally.

The training methods are stress free and help dispel the fears of education and training that many of us have developed through bad experiences either at school or in other situations.

The course will include