Mentor Training

If you would like to train as a Creative Industries Mentor get in touch with David Ward.

What is mentoring for?

At some time in their careers all professionals can do with some support on issues as varied as careers prospects, stress, communication issues with band members and a host of other things.

Gateway has created a mentoring programme whereby industry professionals are trained to offer that support. It can be as simple as having someone to talk to.

There are also programmes to get rid of the effects of stress that interfere with creativity.

What is mentoring about?

There are many different approaches to "Mentoring" or "Coaching" and indeed the word itself is used differently in different organisations. This is very confusing and very inconsistent and not at all helpful to people seeking help, guidance or searching for a path to personal development.

At Gateway these terms are all inter-changeable and refer to a person who has learnt the skills to help guide others to greater well-being. A Gateway Mentor will have used the techniques for their own personal development. They will pass on their own experiences.

Distance Mentoring

How is this possible?
Real time internet communications advances in communication technology have made Distance Coaching possible. They enable us to talk freely, see each other (we can choose that) and share pictures, symbols, our screens and movies from our desktop. These systems can be secure and safe.
How this works
At Gateway we are developing a combination of face to face and internet meetings so that Mentors can guide clients in safety and privacy.
The facility will be available Globally depending on time zones of course.

The Mentor training Programme.

The programme will include: Developing conscious awareness, the power of appreciation and positive feelings; empathy and the power of kindness; integrating latest research in psychophysiology and neuro-cardiology and neuroscience; working with head, hand and heart; whole body learning, creating ideal models, goal setting, positive choice making; visualization techniques, guided imagery, symbolism, dreams; the psychophysiology of stress; the power of positive intention; heart rate variability; heart brain communication; stress and the hormone system; autonomic nervous system; stress and patterns of behaviour; reducing stress; creating well-being; developing creative potential.