Administrators and Managers in Education. Teachers and Lecturers.

As an administrator or manager you may find it useful to know what your faculty actually teaches.

Being acquainted with industry jargon may make meetings easier, more enjoyable and more useful.

You may have just joined a faculty or school or have worked in the same one some time.

You may want to know more about what your school and other schools teach.

You may have discovered that industry needs young people who can collaborate across disciplines.

You may have discovered that it will be useful to know what those other disciplines do.

You may wish to be able to communicate more easily with colleagues.

You may work in management, administration or your job may be more technically orientated or somewhere in between.

The Gateway Industry Orientation courses are probably for you

Th first of of these courses is in:

Recording and Record Production

Introduction to Film and T.V. Production.

These courses are all taught by industry professionals skilled at passing on information in an efficient and understandable way.

The courses are all taught in a professional environment.

For those who need more technically specific information there are courses designed for you.

The key words for Gateway courses are Relevant, Up to Date, Holistic, Informative and Fun.