Training of Trainers

This Training of Trainers Introduction is designed for industry professionals who would love to pass on their knowledge and expertise to future generations, but don’t know where to start. It will ensure that industry personnel feel comfortable passing on their skills to students in a lecture and master-class situation and feel comfortable giving presentations generally.

The training methods are stress free and help dispel the fears of education and training that many of us have developed through bad experiences either at school or in other situations. For the last 30 years David Ward, JAMES Executive Director responsible for training and education, has been developing and researching effective and affective training.

This weekend explains the latest models suitable for learning needs in the 21st century. The emphasis is on "Learning to learn and Learning is Fun” New research in Neuroscience, Neurophysiology and Emotional Learning are structured into the course and this information passed on to participants in a very practical way.

This introduction will deal with basic principles and it leads to a Foundation Course where the subjects can be explored in greater depth. The introduction is also suitable to manufacturers and suppliers who are becoming aware of training needs both in updating skills for existing personnel and in the setting up of training for existing and future markets.

The course will be structured to be as practical as possible with a great percentage of the time spent on "learning by doing" rather than just boring old theory. There will be theory but it has to be fun to learn. We will talk about the Trainer as a performer.

The course will include

Putting context before content; Group dynamics; Learning Styles and Emotional Learning.

Multiple Intelligences
Training and educational concepts and models. Creating a learning environment;

Being clear about desired outcomes;Plan and design training; Creating jargon free explanations

Inner quality management in the training process; developing Dynamic Calm;