Gateway Training Areas

Gateway Training is for all people working or hoping to work in the Creative Industries.

The training falls into 6 main areas.

Sector Awareness Training

As a sound person do you wish you knew more about Film and TV and vice versa.
As an employee do you wish you knew what the company makes actually does? As an employer do you wish your staff understood the products more?
Essentially this is about all of us learning about each other's disciplines. This greases creativity.

Business and Freelance Skills

There is nothing scary or boring about Basic Business Skills? They are essential for survival in the Creative Industries.
Learning them can be fun and frees us up to be Creative. Learning them saves us a lot of money. They should be taught on every creative course. Teaching them is also easy. They are common sense.

Training of Trainers

Training of Trainers is designed for those who would love to pass on their knowledge and expertise to future generations, but don’t know where to start.

The course is highly relevant to the Creative Industries.
Keywords are Relevant, Holistic, Whole-brain Learning is fun

Teaching Communication Skills

Without good communication skills we are all sunk. Body language, how we say things, confidence, clarity, openness, emotional intelligence, creative listening

Mentor Training

Facilitator Training.

The facilitator plays a pivotal role in change and transformation. The facilitator greases the wheels of change.
How do we manage change? How can we get different parties to agree that change needs to be co-ordinated?
How can we counsel people that collaboration is essential for survival? It is an Art.