What is Sector Awareness?

The needs for information across the whole Creative Industries is enormous. We need information to be more effective and indeed to survive. As technologies merge and change is upon us so quickly, the more we know the better off we will be.
We at Gateway are now developing a new series of intensive courses to keep people up to date.
The first is explaining the Recording and Record Production process and the second about Film and Television Production.

We all need to know a bit about what each other does, we don't need to be able to do it.


You are CEO of a manufacturing or supply company and you would like your staff to be more informed of what the company does or other sectors do…..

You are a Band Manager or member and you need to more about the processes before you make financial commitments…..

You work in accounts and would like to know what the services are that you put on the invoice. This would make you more effective in chasing payment……

You are an office manager and you are continually explaining to staff what the company produces and the services it offers. You might need this as well……

You are a Sound Engineer and you would like to know more about Film and TV production. You want to enhance your career…….

You have just joined a record company and want to know how records are produced. No-one seems to be able to tell you…..